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博览五千年——塑造当代贤 走进国际油画名家吴海龙

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Wu Hailong, master of Chinese arts and crafts


(the sixth) Master of teapot design


China's special artists for rites


Chinese cultural heritage protection and inheritance figures



Yixing has heaven and earth, and Wumen has pottery people. After ceramics, purple sand has become a national art. With the help of Yiying, all of you are in the middle of a handful. You can exchange the dew of Zhuang Lao and soak the spring of Confucianism and Buddhism. Zen does not look at the world of mortals, a handful of purple sand to explain the heaven.    宜兴吴门,百年传承。吴氏陶艺历吴余清及吴门第五代传人吴海龙,早慧,幼随父习艺,自幼薰艺家风,承前启后,把吴氏绝艺发扬光大!

Yixing Wumen, a century old heritage. Wu's ceramic art is based on Wu Yuqing and Wu Hailong, the fifth generation descendant of Wumen. He is very early witted. He learns art with his father. Since he was a child, he has developed his unique art.



As early as 1972, Wu Hailong studied the art of Zisha ceramics with his father.Although there have been ups and downs and twists and turns in the past 40 years, it has been persisted to this day finally, following my father's advice: Inheritance and innovation are consistent, works are mainly made of natural raw materials, traditional crafts and innovative techniques of the Wu family are adopted, and their exquisite skills are highlighted. They are self-contained, and the unique style of the Wu family is more traditional and innovative. Since his childhood, Master Wu Hailong is fond of collecting, inheriting and innovating from the old pot at home. The shape of Zisha pot designed by him not only respects the tradition, but also "the square is not the same, the circle is not the same", highlighting the changes. The shape is both elegant and fashionable, and simple and natural.   对紫砂壶所用原材料是非常有讲究的,“泥”的优劣决  定着紫砂壶的品味高低,好壶必是好泥成就,唯有好泥才会制作出双透气孔结构,吸水率高,透气性强,并且“色不艳、质不腻”的好壶,吴氏陶艺百年传承一个亘古不变的习惯是今天的作品已是沉腐十年以上的老泥,致力潜于紫砂艺术的研究和创作,艺海采撷,自此技艺精进。

He is very particular about the raw materials used in the teapot. The quality of "mud" determines the taste of the teapot. A good teapot must be a good achievement of mud. Only good mud can make a good teapot with double porosity structure, high water absorption, strong air permeability, and "color is not colorful, quality is not greasy". Wu's ceramic art inherits an eternal habit for a hundred years, which is that today's works have been decaying for ten years. The above-mentioned old clay is devoted to the research and creation of purple sand art and the collection of art sea. Since then, the technology has been improved.

  其作品寓意于壶,还魂于砂,严谨而不泥古,典雅也趣于天然。 匠人需数十年方可成就,匠心需数百年传承而来,吴海龙大师,承百年技艺,创新式风格。他的紫砂作品多次荣获海内外国际性及国家级金奖,被人民大会堂、中南海艺术馆、国家博物馆、中国农业博物馆等纷纷收藏,被泰国亲王、英国王子、美国硅谷、海峡两岸等的文化艺术大家们大加赞赏,也因一带一路文化交流被带出国门走向世界,入选2017年哈萨克斯坦世博会,得到来自世界各地艺术学者的认可。      紫砂壶虽小,汇聚的是百年匠心,千年文化。“吴氏金鼎”品牌也被载入诚信中国万里行,走出国门,声名享誉海内外,其紫砂壶工艺品极具艺术价值和收藏价值。    吴大师家风薰陶、上承下传,竭尽技艺;发扬光大、推陈出新。吴大师已近天命,紫砂艺术造诣炉火纯青、艺术上渐近天爵之境。他的作品在传承古典上推陈出新,在光货类型上外形精致、轮廓讲究,自然淳朴、简洁高雅;而在花货造型上师化自然,雕镂捏塑、手法丰富、带有典型的吴氏审美风格;在筋纹器造型上,筋囊纹理清晰、疏密得体,深浅自如;在提梁壶的造型上,风格高古、壶体与提梁,虚实对比分明,造型曲线流畅灵动,似流水有声、美人浣纱。    虽吴大师名扬远播,但他不为俗界声名所累,在自己的艺术馆精尽艺业,把人生、艺术、紫砂揉捏一体。虽他的作品在市场上一壶难求,但他禀着"良工不示人以璞",静心做匠人,精心做艺术,淡泊名利,踏踏实实地秉承着自己:“一生只做一件事,一事只怀一颗心”的理念,沉迷于紫砂艺术的钻研和创作中。

His works are implied in pot, soul returning in sand, rigorous but not quaint, elegant and interesting in nature. It takes decades for the craftsman to achieve, and hundreds of years for the craftsman to inherit. Master Wu Hailong has inherited a hundred years of skills and innovative style. He has won many international and national gold medals at home and abroad. He was praised by the Great Hall of the people, Zhongnanhai Art Museum, National Museum, China Agricultural Museum and so on. He was greatly appreciated by the cultural and artistic works of Prince of Thailand, Prince of England, Silicon Valley of the United States, and across the Taiwan Straits. He was also chosen to take part in the world in 2017. Kestan World Expo is recognized by art scholars from all over the world.

Although the teapot is small, it gathers a hundred years of ingenuity and a thousand years of culture. "Wu's Golden Tripod" brand has also been included in the integrity of China's wanlihang, going abroad, famous at home and abroad, its Zisha pot crafts have great artistic value and collection value.

Master Wu's family style is nurturing, inheriting and inheriting, and making full use of his skills; carrying forward and innovating. Master Wu is close to heaven. Zisha has a high level of artistic attainments and is approaching the "Marquis of heaven" in art. His works are refined in shape, exquisite in outline, simple and simple in nature and elegant in the type of "light goods", while in the shape of "Flower goods", they are characterized by nature, carving and pinching, rich in techniques and typical Wu's aesthetic style; in the shape of rib ware, the texture of tendon bag is clear, dense and appropriate, and the depth is free; in the shape of Lantern pot, the style is high. Ancient, pot body and lifting beam, with clear contrast between the real and the virtual, smooth and flexible modeling curve, like running water with sound, beauty Huansha.

Although Master Wu is famous all over the world, he is not tired of popular fame. He does his best in art in his own art museum and integrates life, art and purple sand. Although a pot of his works is hard to find in the market, he is endowed with the idea of "good work doesn't show people to be rough", being a craftsman, doing art meticulously, being indifferent to fame and wealth, and adhering to the concept of "only one thing in one life, only one heart in one thing", and indulged in the research and creation of Zisha art.



Master Wu Hailong Art Yearbook


1972年随父研究创作紫砂陶艺    In 1972, he studied and created Zisha ceramics with his father


Works of Wu Hailong

1992年,获轻工部中国工艺美术协会颁发的"陶瓷美术设计"奖In 1992, it won the "ceramic art design" award issued by China Arts and Crafts Association of the Ministry of light industry1997年,创办吴氏陶艺吴海龙紫砂艺术馆In 1997, wuhailong Zisha art museum was founded2001年,加入中国工艺美术学会

In 2001, he joined China Arts and Crafts Society


In 2002, the work "spring" won the gold medal of China Fine Arts and Crafts Fair2003年,纪念毛主席诞辰一百一十周年获特别贡献奖

In 2003, Chairman Mao won the special contribution award in commemoration of the 110th anniversary of his birth


In 2006, the work of "Zhuyun" won the gold medal of China Arts and crafts Hundred Flowers Award2008年,加入江苏陶艺紫砂学会协会

In 2008, he joined Jiangsu Ceramics Association


Works of Wu Hailong


In 2009, "Shoutao pot" won the gold medal in the selection of excellent teapots of the Sixth China International Tea Industry Expo2010年,《四方容天》作品容获第八届中国工艺美术博览会"中艺杯"金奖

In 2010, Sifang Rongtian won the gold medal of "China Art Cup" of the 8th China Arts and Crafts Fair2011年,《秦权壶》在河南第三届紫砂艺术节参赛作品评比中,经河南省工艺美术行业协会、河南第三届紫砂艺术品博览会组委会评审荣获一等奖

In 2011, Qinquan pot won the first prize in the competition of the third Zisha Art Festival in Henan Province, reviewed by Henan arts and Crafts Industry Association and the Organizing Committee of the third Zisha Art Expo.


Works of Wu Hailong



In 2012, the work of "little bamboo flat pot" won the first prize in the   handmade ceramic stopper of Jiangsu Ceramic Industry Association in 2012, and "shengfanghu" won the first prize in the selection of "Boshan Cup" China Ceramic Art Grand Prix in 2012, and "sunflower pot" was awarded the first prize in 2012 in the innovation evaluation of ceramic works of Jiangsu Ceramic Industry Association, and was awarded the master of Chinese arts and crafts. (sixth session)2013年,入选《百年无锡名人图谱》2013年,《石瓢壶》在中国宜兴陶艺五朵金花上海展中,经严格评审荣获金奖2013年,《名家》杂志报导2013年,受邀并出任中国国际交流促进会理事 2013年,荣获教育部中国人生科学学会全国审美教育与文化产业合作组织授予的中国紫砂壶设计大师称号

In 2013, it was selected into the "one hundred years of Wuxi celebrity atlas" in 2013. In the five golden flowers exhibition of ceramics in Yixing, China, the ladybug pot won the Gold Award in 2013 after strict evaluation. In 2013, it was invited and served as the director of China Council for the promotion of international exchange. In 2013, it was awarded China by the national aesthetic education and cultural industry cooperation organization of China Life Science Society, Ministry of education. Purple clay pot Design Master title



In 2014, his antique pot, hexagonal pot and durian pot won the gold medal in the first invitation exhibition of Chinese artists' calligraphy and painting works in the world


In 2014, he was employed as a member of the expert group of Beijing Federation Artists Union of the Alumni Association of Wuxi calligraphy art college, China.


2015年,《推动中国领军人物》《人民美术报》 等刊登其作品

In 2015, he was awarded "outstanding contributor of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation", "outstanding artist of the Chinese nation" and "lifelong art consultant of China International Modern Art Research Center". The works include the Chinese Philately, the theme of commemorating the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Anti Japanese War

In 2015, promoting China's leading figures and people's art daily published their works







2016年,,美国硅谷市长中国行代表团由加州议员Devon Mathis(德文·马西斯)带团、 联合市市长Carol Dutra Vernaci(凯萝·魏娜齐)、 坎贝尔市市长Jason Baker(杰森·贝克)、门罗帕克市前市长/现议员Catherine Carlton(凯瑟琳·卡尔顿)、 库比蒂诺市前市长/现议员Gilbert Wong等在内的美国官员、硅谷市长、加州议员、知名企业家、知名经济学家组成的代表团一行16人专程赴吴海龙紫砂艺术馆进行文化交流。




In 2016, Thai royal families such as Thai Prince Subo BAMO, Thai Princess BAMO elegant and princess BAMO Yaya visited the Zisha Art Museum of wuhelong for a two-day visit.

In 2016, selected in the Yearbook of the people's Republic of China (volume 2016)

In 2016, the works of "flat clay pot" and "four handed stove pot" were collected by Zhongnanhai Art Museum.

In 2016, he was appointed as a member of art appraisal and evaluation committee of Qiushi culture center.

In 2016, the painted butterfly pot was collected in the Great Hall of the people. In 2016, it was appraised and awarded the title of "China's special gift artist" and "special gift certificate" by the state Gift Art Committee and state gift culture market committee.

In 2016, the delegation of mayor of Silicon Valley in China was led by Devon Mathis, a California congressman, Carol Dutra vernaci, a union mayor, Jason Baker, a Campbell mayor, Catherine Carlton, a Menlo Park former mayor / congressman, Gilbert Wong, a Cupertino former mayor / congressman. A delegation of 16 people, including US officials, mayor of Silicon Valley, California legislators, well-known entrepreneurs and well-known economists, went to Wu Hailong Zisha Art Museum for cultural exchanges.

In 2016, he won the title of "2016 outstanding worker" in the May 1st Symposium and advanced deeds report meeting of 2016 outstanding worker national labor model in celebration of the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China

In 2016, the antique pot was collected by China Agricultural Museum

In 2016, guangming.com, people.com, china.com, banyuetan.com, Xinhua interview.com, CCTV report, China report, China International news.com, China cultural relics.com, China Art star.com, China new.com, China Guoli official website, people's art collection.com, China city.com, global focus media.com, international phoenix.com, daily express, today's headlines, state think tank, ink collection, Yiyun encyclopedia, Baidu, Tencent, Youku, Sohu, people's micro video, iqiyi, Tudou video, Chinese channel, Changshu TV station, Jiangsu Satellite TV, Jiangsu International Channel and other media have reported on it.







2017年,被四川文化艺术学院汤用彤国学院 ,聘为客座教授2017年,在宜兴博物馆举办的 民间传统工艺美术博览会 中《一带一路》作品荣获金奖,并受到李昌鸿等大师的盛赞


In 2017, he was appointed director of Zisha Art Museum of the global Internet of things Management Committee

In 2017, he was specially appointed as the president of cross strait cultural exchanges in Jiangsu Province by the cross strait cultural, economic, technological and Tourism Development Association of Taiwan

In 2017, it was named "purple sand design and production" type inheritor by China Cultural Heritage Protection Research Institute, Oriental Chinese cultural heritage protection center, Ministry of culture. In 2017, it was appointed curator of purple sand art museum, dragon culture calligraphy and Painting Institute, Chinese leading cadre.

In 2017, he was employed as Deputy Secretary General of Zisha Committee of Jiangsu Collectors Association

In 2017, with the spirit of craftsmanship and years of experience in producing Zisha, Master Wu Hailong's works were selected as the top political and artistic Expo in Kazakhstan attended by more than 170 presidents and prime ministers, and won the gold medal of Zisha technology. Master Wu Hailong was also honored as the "special Zisha pot technology" of 2017 Kazakhstan world expo. Title of artist

In 2017, Mr. Wu Hailong, a virtuous and artistic master, was awarded the title of "honest artist" in China's honest brand wanlihang, and in 2017, many reports were published, such as "looking at China as a talent power", "influence of the times", "Chinese dream calligraphy and painting art biography" Chinese art arena ".

In 2017, he was appointed a visiting professor by Tong Tong Guo college, Sichuan Academy of culture and arts. In 2017, the "one belt and one road" work was held at the Yixing museum's folk arts and crafts fair, which won the gold medal and was praised highly by Li Changhong and other masters.

In 2017, the antique pot was collected by the palace of Prince Epsom






In 2018, he was invited to attend the China International Economic Cooperation Forum held by the National People's Congress Center.

In 2018, the voice of the Yellow River hosted Master Wu Hailong's Zisha forum Seminar

In 2018, he was invited to attend the model Spring Festival Gala and won the title of model artist.

In 2018, he was employed as a professional appraiser of "China credit culture and art appraisal system" by Zhonghong culture channel, which is in charge of the national development and Reform Commission.

In 2018, it was awarded the title of Chinese traditional craftsman by the national professional credit evaluation network.


Works of Wu Hailong








In 2019, he was employed as an expert of the Oriental Chinese cultural heritage protection center and the Jiangsu Anhui (Nanjing) base of the ceramic cultural heritage protection project office.

In 2019, it won the honorary certificate of "celebrity style" issued by the database of inheritors of traditional Chinese art.

In 2019, he was authorized by the Organizing Committee of China Arab Economic and trade cooperation forum as the artistic publicity ambassador of China Arab Economic and trade cooperation forum.

In 2019, it won the second session of the 13th National People's Congress, the second session of the 13th CPPCC National Committee and the honorary title of "people's artist" recommended by the two sessions.

In May 2019, the intangible cultural protection certificate of the cultural and art talent information database of the Ministry of culture.

In June 2019, the honorary title (people's meritorious artist) was awarded in the selection of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China.

On June 18, 2019, China purple sand, passed down from generation to generation, National Arts and Crafts Master, special contribution award.